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Ecological Nappies Size 1

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Ecological Nappies Size 1

These disposable nappies are ecological and hypoallergenic. No chlorine and no dyes. Free from petroleum and allergens.

Size 1: 2-5 kg

23 nappies

Made in Switzerland by HYGA

Love & Green

Céline Couteau and her husband Gabriel Augusto had worked for ten years for a major baby product brand. At the birth of their first child they became clients of the brand and realised there was a potential market for more ecological products. Their goal was both personal and professional: to find healthier products, more respectful of baby's skin but not necessarily more expensive. That is how Love & Green was born.

Nappy components

The soft part of the nappy is called "the fluff" and is made of FSC-certified cellulose. The fluff also contains SAPs (Superabsorbent Polymers), which absorb and retain the liquid to keep baby's bottom dry. Love & Green nappies contain 30% less SAPs than the conventional nappies.

The sheets surrounding the core of the nappy are made of corn starch (material which has the same properties as plastic but 100% natural and biodegradable) in contrast to the plastic sheets found in conventional nappies.

In total, the Love & Green layers contain nearly 50% of natural materials, almost 4 times more than a conventional nappy.


Additional information

Glyphosate (a substance found in herbicides), dioxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) etc – these substances with unpronounceable names and potentially toxic properties have one thing in common: they are found in a large number of disposable nappies.

Twelve brands of nappies, including nappies labelled « ecological », were tested by the independent French magazine « 60 Million Consumers ». Ten out of twelve contained at least one dangerous substance, revealed the magazine in its January issue (2017). For more details, read our article on the Blog.

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