Babies and Children Books

We all remember our childhood ritual of a bedtime story. It was read or invented by our parents or grandparents, when we were huddled up under the duvet or sitting on their lap.

This shared, almost fusional moment contributes to wellbeing of children. It is a moment when parents spend time with their children and give them their full attention.

Apart from this moment of family cohesion, many studies have shown that reading is also an excellent tool for child’s development. A lot of books stimulate our explorer’s senses (vision, touch, hearing...) and help to work on child’s motor skills (learning to turn the pages). Books develop child’s curiosity, language and vocabulary.

Books available in this shop are my daughter’s favourite books and mine too – well, especially mine, I must say. Our selection will evolve and will be widened thanks to new readings and discoveries.

Discover our selection of books and little stories for babies and children: