Games and Toys

Play is essential to child's emotional, physical and social development. This is one of the first things you learn when you are about to become a parent. Psychologists teach us that playing is the child’s genuine desire to explore the world. Children will spontaneously play since they want to recreate what they experience and see, in order to better understand and integrate it. While playing, our little explorers get to know probability laws, physics and rules that they must obey.

The goal of our shop is to promote the Montessori method.

The toy is children’s learning companion. Therefore, it must be chosen with care. The selection of toys we propose here was validated by our psychomotor therapist and confirms our choice of Montessori method.

During the moments of discovery, we witness our children’s creativity. We ensure their safety, so that they can express emotions fearlessly. Maria Montessori wrote in The Absorbent Mind that "children's first instinct is to act alone without help of others, and their first conscious act of independence is to defend themselves from those who try to help them". 

To develop imagination and curiosity, we also recommend a selection of books and stories for children.

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