The Meal's Ready!

The baby’s taste development starts in the womb because the mother’s nutrition influences the taste of the amniotic fluid. After the birth, the baby’s nutrition changes significantly. First, the baby is fed exclusively with mother’s breast milk and / or artificial milk. Then, around six months, the baby starts to eat different food… This is the beginning of a great adventure: the food diversification.

Your baby's taste buds will always have new sensations thanks to the gourmet meals you prepare. Zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, apples, papaya are the very special flavours to discover. The more new food you propose to your baby during the first months of diversification, the more likely he or she will eat them in the future.

To transform your baby into a true gourmet, let him or her discover not only the four basic flavours (salty, sweet, bitter, acid), but also alternate: thermal sensations (hot / warm / cold), food textures (soft, crunchy, sparkling, melting) and visual stimulation (different colours and shapes).